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Cabonline Group

Cabonline offers flexible, world-class transportation services. With leading technology, we simplify the process for both transporters, drivers and customers by helping them find the perfect match when and where it is needed.

We target the public sector, private companies, transporters, drivers and customers, providing educated and service-oriented drivers, administrative support, seamless technology and efficient management. Our efficient booking services are used by hundreds of thousands of customers throughout the Nordics and provide a user experience beyond the ordinary.

Cabonline Group is one of Europe's leading technology and service provider for the taxi and transport industry. In Sweden, Finland and Norway, around 3 500 transporters are connected with approximately 7 000 vehicles under different brands, including TaxiKurir, Sverigetaxi (former Taxi 020), TOPCAB, Taxi Skåne, NorgesTaxi, Kovanen and FixuTaxi. Through Cabonline Group, the transporters get attractive customer agreements, industry-leading technology as well as access to large scale advantages and infrastructure. Cabonline Group has a turnover of approximately 5.6 billion SEK and performs over 60,000 journeys every day.

Cabonline Group Holding

Cabonline Group Holding (publ) is the parent company of the Cabonline Concern. The busines covers management and functions within the concern, such as research and development, accounting, treasury, legal and communication. Cabonline Group Holding (publ) issued covered bonds of 1 550 million SEK on June 12, 2017. The bond was issued in order to refinance existing loans and finance continued growth and general purposes for the business. The bond is guaranteed by Cabonline Group Holding (publ) and 15 subsidiaries in the Cabonline concern. The company changed its name from Ixat Intressenter AB to Cabonline Group Holding AB on November 24, 2017.