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Discover an easier way to reach your destination

With just a few clicks in the Cabonline app, you can easily book and pay for your taxi. Shortly after, one of our 7 000 cars will show up and drive you safe and sound to wherever you are going.

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Simplify the way your organization travels

As a business customer you will get a clear overview of how your organization travels, you don't have to manage receipts and you will collect all travel expences in one single place.

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Technical solutions to help your business grow

Modernize your taxi business with our all-in-one solution - so that you can focus on taxi instead of technology! We offer systems for everything from booking to dispatch, as well as payment solutions.

Our service is delivered as a full scaled solution including support, backup, map data and address data. Your business can focus on attracting customers as well as drivers while we deliver the technical infrastructure.

Use our modern driver app connected to a high-tech dispatch system where your drivers and customer center can streamline their everyday work.

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