Taxi on the road

Social services

Cabonline facilitates daily life by providing mobility services that are safe, accessible, and sustainable. For the elderly, ill, and young, transportation can be a challenge, at the same time as the needs are substantial. Due to the scale of operations in the Nordic market, Cabonline offers mobility for those in need, regardless of whether they reside in rural or more densely populated areas.

Over half of Cabonline’s trips are carried out on behalf of the public sector, including services like paratransit, medical transportation, and school transport.

The company has over 25 years of experience in providing paratransit services. Paratransit demands a certain level of service, care, and quality different from private and business travel. Cabonline Sweden has a specific training program for drivers who operate paratransit services. They are trained to meet the unique needs of these passengers, such as understanding the conditions of individuals with disabilities and gaining knowledge about how aging affects a person’s functionality, hearing, vision, cognitive abilities, and need for security.

In addition to paratransit, the company’s publicly pro- cured contracts include school transportation and wheel- chair taxi services. These types of assignments place high demands on Cabonline and its drivers.


We are used to driving people from place A to place B, and we will now also start transporting groceries, computers, internal mail, your friday coffee - you name it. Do you have something you need to get from one place to another without having the opportunity to drive it yourself? Contact us and we will help you.