Taxi on the road

Social services

In current COVID-19 times, it is important that everyone in society contributes as much as possible. where we can.

As a major supplier of the social services traffic in the form of eg. transportation for the elderly and people with physical disabilities and school transport, a great responsibility rests on us at Cabonline to help many people's everyday lives continue to work despite the challenges that COVID-19 is putting in front of us. Since taxi continues to be one of the safer means of transport in society today in terms of spreading COVID-19 of, we have been thinking about what we at Cabonline can do to contribute so that the society can keep rolling.


We are used to driving people from place A to place B, and we will now also start transporting groceries, computers, internal mail, your friday coffee - you name it. Do you have something you need to get from one place to another without having the opportunity to drive it yourself? Contact us and we will help you.