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The best way to start your travels

Flygtaxi is as easy as it is convenient. We drive you to and from your flights, trains and ferries. You always get a fixed price when you book and you will never have to pay in the car.

Flight taxi

About Flygtaxi

You can use Flygtaxi to and from all of Sweden's 40 airports and more than 250 train and bus stations. We also operate in around 50 international destinations, such as Paris, London, Brussels and New York.

More about Flygtaxi

Flight monitoring

We will keep track of your flight and will be waiting for you when you land, even if your flight is delayed

Travel guarantee

When you book with us you can always be sure there is a car waiting for you, and you never have to worry about annoying surprises.


All trips booked with Flygtaxi will give you extra bonuses if you are a Eurobonus customer.

Fixed prices

It is easy to keep track of travel expenses and you will never have to think about unexpected costs.

Invoice solution

Get a better overview of your travel expenses by collecting all of the employees' trips in one single place.


Reduce your costs as well as environmental impact by traveling together with someone who is going in the same direction.

Simplified traveling

Book your Flygtaxi at the same time as when you book your flight or train tickets, saving you both time and administration. When booking through your travel agency, you will be able to get the taxi rides on the same invoice as your flight or train tickets. This simplifies for you and will make the person managing your accounting very happy as well.

Flygtaxi can be booked through all authorized business travel agencies.