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From 1 May 2017, anyone with one or more traffic permits must join a Report Center in connection with the annual check of a taximeter, reprogramming (id change) or in connection with a new or reinstallation of a taximeter.




Cabonline Reporting Center, 556703-3195, ("Cabonline") has permission from the Transport Agency to conduct a taxation service center. According to the Act on Taxation Transfers, all taxi drivers are required to report taximeter data to a reporting center on an ongoing basis. The reporting center shall then forward the information to the Transport Agency. These terms and conditions apply to all ordering centers, taxi companies or the like that have taxi lockers affiliated with (continued "Customers") and who choose to join Cabonline's Accounting Center. By signing in to your account at Cabonline's Accounting Center, you also agree to the terms herein.


1.1 Cabonline provides a reporting tool that allows taxi lockers to comply with the duty to report taxameter data. The tool is a web service where the ordering center registers its affiliated operations. The ordering center can then enter and edit the driver's duties as needed.


2.1 A prerequisite for Cabonline to be able to transfer taximeter data to the Transport Agency is that the ordering center first takes the measures specified in these general terms and conditions. The ordering center should also follow the instructions issued by Cabonline during the contract period.

2.2 It is the responsibility of the shopping center to enter the taxi locks whose cars will be connected to Cabonline. Registration can only be done via registration on Cabonline's website. The registration can not be done by telephone or e-mail. The ordering center is also responsible for obtaining consent for registration from the respective taxi service. After notification, taxi lockers must connect their vehicles with a certified taximeter installer.

2.3 In the event that a vehicle is permanently or temporarily excluded from the discharge obligation, it is for the ordering center or the vehicle that owns the vehicle to report this via the web service.

2.4 The Order Center undertakes to hold Cabonline harmless in respect of third party claims, eg. taxi fleet operators.


3.1 Cabonline shall take such measures as are reasonable for continuously reporting collected data to the Transport Agency as prescribed. Cabonline reports information for all vehicles connected to the service, with the exception of vehicles designated by the pick-up center or service center to be exempted from the discharge obligation. The information Cabonline reports is based on the data generated in each vehicle's taximeter and the vehicle submits to Cabonline. Cabonline has no opportunity to control what information is actually transmitted and can not guarantee that information transfer can be performed at any given time.

3.2 Cabonline undertakes to store received information for seven years from the date of receipt.

3.3 Cabonline shall inform the ordering center in a reasonable period of time before any maintenance or service measures are taken that may affect the ability to report information to the accounting center. Information on planned maintenance can be found on Cabonline's website.

3.4 Cabonline is responsible for direct damage only. In any event, Cabonline's liability shall be limited to the fee paid by the Centers during the twelve months preceding the injury date.


4.1 Cabonline handles personal data on behalf of the ordering center and is thus a personal data counselor. The Order Center provides Cabonline with the task of processing personal data insofar as it is necessary for Cabonline to fulfill its obligations and exercise its rights.


5.1 The Order Center shall pay Cabonline connection fee for the Cabonline service at any time applicable price list and payment terms.

5.2 In the event of non-payment of connection fee, Cabonline reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect and cease all reporting of information to the Transport Agency.

5.3 This Agreement is valid until further notice and may be terminated with three months prior written notice. An ordering center wishing to deregister its affiliated taxi locks from the service shall provide notice of termination for the hauliers as well as a power of attorney that strengthens the ordering center's right to represent the hauliers.

5.4 Cabonline is entitled to change these terms. New terms and conditions will enter into force thirty days after the new terms have been published on Cabonline's website.

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