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Cabonline Reporting Centre

Welcome to Cabonline's accounting center and a smart way to handle your driving passages and easy ways to handle your messages. From 1 May 2017, anyone with one or more traffic permits must join a Report Center in connection with the annual check of a taximeter, reprogramming (id change) or in connection with a new or reinstallation of a taximeter.

Our services

Cabonline offers a reporting center for all Frogne and Megtax meters located within the Cabonline Group, and for all Digitax meters.

The price to be connected to Cabonline's accounting center is currently SEK 95 per vehicle and month. The accounting center will charge the fees via taxi companies. The taxi companies, in turn, charge the fees from the hauliers / partners.

You as a driver can not connect yourself without your Taxi Company / Fleet being connected. Contact your caretaker at your taxi company.

You can read about accounting centers at Transportstyrelsen.

Read the agreement for taxi company/fleet or for you partner

About the accounting center

Cabonline Reporting Center is one of the Transport Agency Certified Companies to act at the Swedish Central Bank.

We offer emptying to the taximeter systems Frogne, Structab and Digitax.

Cabonline Reporting Center is a bifax for Digitax Scandinvaia AB and is part of the Cabonline Group.

Instructional videos about how the accounting center works is available here.

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